Pitfall logo - dropping letters spelling pitfall

Our next full game!

Pitfall is a single player platformer designed to be played in chunks.  Have 5 minutes now between meetings?  Play Pitfall!  Have a minute or two between changing loads of laundry, sitting on a bus, or waiting in line?  Play Pitfall!

The Pitfall Story

Move Jonnie through the level and to the flag.  Avoid the pitfalls by filling them with the bricks that fall from the sky.  Jonnie moves on their own, you move the bricks.

Components in the game



Jonnie is our runner.  Most of the time you do not control Jonnie.

Blue Orb


Orbs level you up. There are different colored orbs that do different things.  Some act upon Jonnie, some act upon the bricks, and others act upon time.



You control the bricks to fill in the chasms in the ground.  Fill them before Jonnie gets there!  There are many different sized bricks.

Next Steps...

Love games?  Want to be a BETA tester?
We're happy to have you on board!  BETA testers agree to inform us of bugs, suggestions and other findings as they play.

Link takes you to our Discord Server-

To be a beta tester, click on Beta Testing category and click on applications.  Fill it out and we'll be back with you soon!


Artwork credits for PITFALL belong to

Sarika Gupta @Astralplants

Eder Muniz @EdermuniZz.  Pixel Art Platformer background artwork.