About Us


Our Approach

Innovation takes observation.  What is needed?  How should it be presented?  Who needs it and why?  We pay attention to those small details and get it right.

Our Story

begins with a programmer at heart turned CTO and a software tester turned teacher who married and had children.  After circling the globe and encountering many different situations and running into the same problems, they, along with their programmer son and artist daughter, decided to step up and fix things.

Meet the Team

Her husband, his wife, their children and some friends.  Building a life, a company, and a legacy.  Together.


Jennifer Gupta

Founder & CEO

Jennifer served in the US Air Force, worked in software testing, has taught elementary school (grades, 4, 5 and K) and dreams of writing books.  She loves gardening, dogs and her family.


Sarika Gupta


The artist of the family, Sarika has been drawing since they could hold a pencil.  They draw, animate, and creates other amazing pieces of artwork.  Sarika has their own website; www.sarikagupta.com where you can see their work!


Alin Gupta


Ethical hacker, programmer, speed cuber, robotics maker, and mini chef, Alin loves it all.  His future plans include MIT and being a software developer.
Alin and Kettler teach kids to code at their website www.munchkinscode.com - Check it out!



Milan Gupta


Milan has worked as CTO in the banking, telecommunications and insurance sectors.  His extensive knowledge of computers and programming, as well as software development from idea to launch, is invaluable to his family and this company.


Kettler Ray


Kettler is our go to person for everything from coding, editing, and vocabulary help. When she is not doing any of those things she can be found rock climbing, cubing, or playing video games. She has been coding for one year now and is very good at what she does. She plans to be a software developer.