If oportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

Most of the time, it's a problem that we are presented with.  Sometimes the tools we need do not exist yet.  Sometimes the tools that are there, aren't quite what we want.  Other times, we just come up with a really great idea, look around, and realize that no one else has made it.  


On a computer, a mobile, a tablet, all of our apps and games are developed to showcase what each can do.  You will find them easy to use and updated for the current specs.


All of our apps, designs and websites offer features that are easy to use and intuitive.  You will not need to go hunting around to find buttons or features, and subscribing, unsubscribing, finding payment information and communicating with us are simple to use and easy to find.  

Purchases and ads

We do not believe in pushing for money.  All of our apps have a clear cost.  Our free to play apps do have adverts, but one small purchase and you’ll never see them again.  Also – while some of our paid for apps do have in app purchases, these are clearly marked, and you will not be bombarded with info about them.  

What makes us unique

We are a family owned and operated software company.  Our expertise and experience in the fields of banking, insurance, schools, homeschooling, teaching, telecommunications, and being a kid today, allow us to visualize new ways to live life more efficiently and creatively. 

Our diverse interests are your interests too! 


 We love gardening; hydroponics, aquaponics, closed -stand alone gardening systems!  We are developing products that help your green thumb stay green!  

PTA/ homeroom mom/ parent helper

From blog posts on the best apps out there to engage your fellow parents, to our own apps to help with auctions, international night, and even ways to communcate better with your child’s teacher, we’ve got you covered!


Who doesn’t love games?  We are designing some amazing new ibeacon technology games, and have a few other crazy ideas in the pipleline!  


Organization, tidiness, order, these are things we like!  Clean looks, easy to find elements, and apps that make your life easier.  We are designing many apps to help you live your life and keep all your information safely and easy to find.

Latest News

Some of our latest blog posts, right here for your reading pleasure!

Gupta-Tech is live!

Our consulting arm, Gupta-Tech, is officially live! Check out our website www.Gupta-Tech.com to see what it’s all about!

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Teaser artwork by our talented Sarika!

We are working on finishing up our first iBeacon game, Treasure Hunt!  Sarika has recently finished creating some of the wonderful artwork for the app, and we wanted to share[…]

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